Sunday, 30 October 2016

Modern Ghoul | Zombie

You've met Di, now meet Tina short for Libitina. Tina is great and all until you realise her addiction has led her to never leaving the couch, I swear she's like a zombie now...

Ever since discovering Netflix Tina has been a little distracted. I mean any one with Stranger Things, Orphan Black and Community at their finger tips are bound to live on the couch for a week. Don't let the gym clothes fool you, the only marathons Tina does are the ones on TV.

Her favourite colour is yellow ever since she had to paint her nails that colour to hide the constant butter that has built up from the excessive amount of popcorn she eats. Tina is very passive but don't let that fool you one spoiler from your lips she could possibly eat your brain as punishment! 

Outfit Details
Shirt | H&M
Leggings | Cotton On
Sports Bra | K-Mart

Makeup Details
Eyes | From Vice by Urban Decay; 'Crowbar' on the lid, 'Low' in inner corner and upper eye line, 'Beatdown' in the crease and 'Deadbeat' in inner corner and to deepen crease. Smudged for ultimate zombie effect.
Lips | NYX Intense Butter Gloss in 'Chocolate' 

Tina was my favourite to shoot in this Modern Ghoul series as I got to eat popcorn the whole time! Blogging has made me stressed in the past so here is something stupid and silly to make us all laugh and enjoy Halloween! 

Let me know what show turns you into a zombie!

Love Always,

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