Sunday, 4 September 2016

Black Out Poetry 2 | Books

With the start of September and Hogwarts upon us I thought it would be a grand time to flip through Cursed Child and have a couple more tries at blackout poetry! 


1; True Magic 
the revealed force you
will fulfill
to ensure its return.
2; I do anything
to save you.

You look at me at me like
its awful.
There are worse things,
I realised. 

3; "Rebel a little..."

You now consider the choice.

"Go on"

This could mean something. 

I have wanted to do another few blackout poetry's for a while now so I finally took the plunge and used cursed child as reference. It was harder this time as there was less text to choose from! But this is still a fun way to get you creative juices flowing and make your own words from others! I recommend you try it!

If you've missed my other ones you can see them HERE!

Let me know what you think and which one was your favourite!

Love Always, 

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