Saturday, 2 April 2016

March | April

March was my trial month.  
January and February were amazing for me! I was on cloud nine. The year was mine to take and I was looking forward to so many things, wanting to take a lot more opportunities and push myself. 

Then it came tumbling down.

You can read here what happened but I was told my New Zealand trip was cancelled and then we were hit with the bad news, the owners were selling the house. I was in stress mode again. All after another panic attack at work. Now I knew there would be downs but why get them all at once! 

But as I hoped (and luckily knew I could) I bounced back super quick. I've been trained well in getting bad news haha plus I knew after last year I was stronger than I thought I was. That plus help from all of you I looked to the positive sides of things. It could get better.

Goal wise;
Spend less | You'll see what happened here in my Spending Ban summary post.

Appreciate | I did find myself finding more of the magic and happiness in the little things again. I went for a walk and sat my a river with ducks for a while. I look up at the stars more when I walk home. I see the little things other people do to be kind. I like seeing the positives in the world, it makes yours a little more brighter.

Events | I wanted to do at least something out of the norm, I did! I went a on Terrarium course plus I saw Angus and Julia Stone live!

Film | I did actually film a video this month, started editing and all. But again I gave up. It was supposed to be my January to March favourites but it ended up just being a normal blog post. 

...and we all know getting ready for New Zealand was a cancelled goal. What you gonna do? haha

-     -     -     -     -

April has arrived in full force! Like how is it April already? I want to start getting my life back together even though I sometimes get back into the mindset that I'm falling apart and I'm broken again. In April I want to;

- Think about getting my tattoo
- Dye my hair (if work allows it)
- Clear out my closet and buy key items
- Create art. Sell art?
- Reach new blog goals
- Continue saving
- Relax

Much to the point this time round. No more raving about what I'm going to do and why. Just make a list. Do it. Easy as pie right?

Hopefully. Come at me April.

-     -     -     -     -

Were you surprised April got here so fast? What goals are you setting yourself this month?

Love Always,


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