Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Welcome to the Series | RaiofSunshines

Introducing my new series Rai of Sunshine’s

I have always been interested in interviews and understanding how people have different views and ways of seeing the world. This year I have been super into inspiration and motivation. There are many blogs that interview people who have huge businesses and are hugely successful. As a 21 year old that is good to look forward to for the future but I also want to know how people who haven’t got there yet feel and go forward.

Therefore I made the decision to interview my friends. My friends inspire me and push me to be better. Watching them do what they love makes me want to succeed as well. Friends are the best motivators, they are always there. People look up to celebrities so much these days that sometimes we forget those around us can be just as amazing to aspire to.

Being in my twenties, it is a major time where we go to our friends and seek inspiration and knowledge from those who have succeeded. Our twenties are a massive learning curve. It’s great to see how others are doing in this time and how their experiences differ even though we are going through the same things!

Therefore I am introducing my ‘RaiofSunshines’ series where I interview friends about their inspirations, dreams and what they want to achieve. I hope to expand this in the future to interview fellow bloggers mixed with friends.

Appearing every month on the 19th will be a new part in the series; this year there will be 6 interviews so look out for that next month! We will have an Artist, Film buff and future Lawyer in the mix plus more!

Love Always,

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