Thursday, 19 March 2015

I did a Guest Post! | RaiRambles

Hey everyone!
I just wanted to tell you about a guest post I did and tell you about the awesome blog I did it for.
This was my first guest post so I was a tad nervous but I'm glad I did because it made me go out there and communicate with fellow bloggers. Speaking of which, the blog in question is 

I've been following Charline for quite a while and have loved her posts and watching her blog grow.
The section I got to do a guest post for was for her #NoteToSelf which are one of my favourite posts she does. Check them out here.
If you enjoy beauty, lifestyle, music posts and more her blog is for you!

Without further ado here is the post I did! Make sure to check it out, leave a comment and go follow Charline!

 Love always,

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