Monday, 2 February 2015

How I try and stay positive | Life can be a pain

I really want this year to be full of positivity, happiness and success. But it seems life has a way of testing how much I want this by throwing one bad thing after another at me. This year started with a friend manipulating and using my feelings against me, a fractured rib and loss of income. Plus many other little knocks to the confidence. Even though I could crawl into my bed, sleep, do nothing and cry. I won’t.

As I said this is a test to see how much I want this year to be amazing and the only thing that can accomplish this, is me.
This is how I am going to be successful, by not giving up and persisting even when it seems I’ve hit a wall. Yes, I cried a few times but I am only human. It is healthy. The successful part is when you brush off those tears and keep trying and moving forward with a smile on your face and enthusiasm in your bones. 
How I stay positive

- Today I danced, poorly, in public (well the car where people were watching) with my dad. This seems strange but it always gets me smiling. My family has this thing where we go on a drive to popular locations (the beach, bus stops) turn up the music and dance as badly as possible. It is quite thrilling.

- Read. Simple, easy and effective.

- Blog. This is a new one for me as it is the first time I am blogging while a bit sad but it is helping heaps! I feel heaps better. If you don’t have a blog just writing down how you feel or sharing your thoughts with another person can really have an impact and take a lot off your shoulder.

- Memory jar. Going through the happy memories I have already created this year is just the boost I need.

- TV or movies. Watching 500 days of summer for the billionth time of yelling at the Pretty Little Liars “to put gloves on for goodness sake! Do you ever learn!” can be very therapeutic.

- Sleep. A nap makes me feel LOADS better. Afterwards I can think through what has happened and sort everything out!

- Friends. Texting, calling, hanging out. They are the best help out there.

- My dog. Research shows that patting your pet can calm and relax you. Its science. ;P (I may have gotten this from a very old Disney film but hey! it works)

Those are just some of the ways I am able to crack a smile, stay positive and look forward to what can happen.
How do all you guys stay positive? I would love to know! 

Love always,

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