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Introductions to books | Literary Listography #1

As stated in my New Year’s post and my book haul post, I want to start posting more regularly. To help me do so I tossed the idea around of using my Listography books to create a monthly series on all things books so you can see what I am loving and hopefully get recommendations for yourselves!

So let’s get started on the first one of the series.
“How I’ve been introduced to books over the years”

I thought this would be a great list to start off with as this is the first introduction post of this new series. I’ve been introduced to my books through a few different revenues which is great as it means I get to find new books that I wouldn’t have found by myself (as I mainly stick to fantasy). 

  Family and Friends
Grandma | My Grandma is a huge influence on the books I read; it has also become a tradition each Christmas that my sister and I receive a book. Books that I have got from my Grandma are ones that I wouldn’t usually have considered or found, so I am so grateful she introduces me to new books as they become some of my favourites. 'Spiderwick Chronicles' were given as she thought the girl on the cover looked like me, 'The Name of the Wind' came from my Grandma therefore my obsession with the Kingkiller Chronicles and a multitude of other books.

Mum |What my mum reads I usually end up reading and thank god that was the case with ‘The Night Circus’. ‘The Night Circus’ was first read by my mum and I quickly stole it after she finished with doubt in my mind at how good it was from her discussion of it. I soon realized she was correct and that it was the best book in the world (yes I am biased as it is my favourite). Family also bought the classics for me including; 'Harry Potter' (also some of the greatest books of all time) and 'The Secret Garden' (another childhood favourite).

Friends’ |It was friends’ recommendations of ‘Looking for Alaska’ in high school that introduced me to John Green. Even now my friend Bronte has me hooked on reading bios, which I never thought I would enjoy.

Yes, some of the books in school I actually enjoyed reading, for example ‘The simple gift’ was one of my favourites and inspired high school me to want to buy a convey, drive to western Australia and earn food and board by working for free haha!

YouTubers | A lot of the YouTubers I watch have been writing like crazy! So far I have read Zoella’s book and Grace’s Guide. I desperately want Hannah Hart’s, Mamrie Hart’s and Tanya Burr’s books at the moment. Louise has also hinted at writing a book, so as soon as that’s confirmed I will get my hands on it as soon as possible! 

Movies and TV | I am a big believer in reading the books that go with the movie or TV show, so that is how I got my hands on books like ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ I also have been introduced to books by characters within movies, I even bought ‘The architecture of happiness’ as Tom read it in ‘500 days of summer’.

There are so many ways to be introduced to books I am even starting to look at blogs who recommend books to get a broader selection of reading. There is also the classic strolling through a bookshop and picking up ones that look interesting.
I hope you enjoyed the first post of my Listography books! The next one will be up at the end of February!

Till then

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