Sunday, 2 November 2014

Halloween | The Last Bash

Halloween has finally come its end.

So I just wanted to make a quick post of some pictures I got from the Halloween party! I didn't really end up going as anything particular but I did get to try out using fake blood!

Here is my practice go! I used
- eye lash glue
- toliet paper
- blush
- foundation and
- gel blood

On the night I had one on my shoulder as well, very bloody haha

Here is a few more 

So even though I didn't dress up as anything particular people still loved the gore and I had a great time. 
Halloween has always been my favourite holiday and I love spending it with people who get into the spirit of things and just have a go!

I hope you all had a nice Halloween and normal posts should return sometime this week! With another volunteering role with the special guest Rachel Zoe!

(Also did you see my new haircut?)


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